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Kimberely M. Balo

I love music and my earliest memories are about music, besides Architecture, a childhood dream job of mine was to be a disc jockey and of course I would play the BEST music out there and on Radio Station "WKIM or KKIM"...  ;-) 

I feel like it's only natural for me to be in some type of business that involves music.  Although I do not consider myself an expert at music trivia, I always seem to be the "go to" person when a friend has a question about music, such as "who sang that Liberty Valance song? or What was the name of that song in the 70's about ...?".

Music over television any day for me. Music always when I'm driving and of course music while I'm working.

A party isn't a party without music. There's music for every mood. Music also helps a newborns specific parts of the brain develope faster, such as Bach or Mozart will increase the mathematical part of the brain.

Typicle me trying to be sexy in front of a camera, but ultimately just goofy! 

Besides music I love cars, antiques, computers, Mt. Biking, swimming and many more, too much to list.

When I am not peddling DJ Service CDs and Vinyl, I work a regular job part-time and two jobs part-time in the winter.

My normal occupation has been IT work, building, repairing computers and Network management.

I am an artist and create logos for myself as well as clients locally. 

I reside in beautiful South Lake Tahoe California and spend about one-third of my time in the Bay Area on the Peninsula.

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